Perfect separation
of variations in air quality

In environments such as recycling plants, landfill sites and factory buildings, the systematic separation of clean and unclean air is essential. Legislation already stipulates that odours, pollutants and dust must not be allowed to enter the environment unhindered. Uncontrolled recycling endangers people’s health and the environment in equal measure.

Our arwus air separation installations offer the perfect solution for separating variations in air quality. We protect the environment while helping you comply with strict environmental and hygiene regulations.

Application example

Advantages of our air separation technology

Separation of variations in air quality

  • Deals with dust, e.g. aluminium dust, dust generated by machine abrasion
  • Tackles unpleasant odours

Protection of the environment and surroundings

  • Less contamination due to run-off (toxic) substances, chemicals and dust
  • Less environmental pollution
  • Compliance with legislation, such as the TA Luft and Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)

Space-saving and low maintenance

  • Minimal space required
  • Convenient operation