Industrial buildings

Efficient solutions for tackling draughts
and heat loss at industrial doors

When large doors in industrial and factory facilities are left open, significant amounts of air escape from the building. Especially during colder months, this leads to the loss of valuable heated air and the infiltration of cold winter air, pushing up heating costs unnecessarily. What’s more, people working near an open door are at greater risk of illness because of the cold draughts.

Our solutions are designed to provide optimum comfort and increase energy efficiency in industrial and factory buildings. By minimising draughts and providing protection against heat loss, we make the working day plain sailing.

Application example

Advantages of our air separation technology

High energy savings:

  • Less incursion of cold air
  • Minimisation of draughts
  • Warm air losses prevented

Greater employee satisfaction

  • Reduced exposure to cold air
  • A pleasant indoor climate

Process optimisation

  • A constant temperature for the processing of sensitive plastics
  • A stable environment for machinery that is sensitive to the cold (precision workstations)
  • Compliance with the highest quality standards

Space-saving and low-maintenance

  • Minimal space required
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Convenient operation


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