Get a subsidy for your new
air separation installation

Our air separation installations are eligible for KFW funding and you can get state support for the purchase of your fully customised arwus installation*


Our sales team will be happy to advise you on your perfect arwus solution and assist you with your KFW application. Contact us now!

Federal funding for energy efficiency in the economy

How it works

  • Funding products for companies: The KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) development bank offers various funding products that provide companies with financial support so that they can implement projects aimed at energy efficiency and generating process heat from renewable energies.

  • Energy efficiency and process heat: The focus is on increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energies for process heat at companies of various sectors and sizes.

  • Low-interest loans and subsidies: KfW offers various financial incentives – including low-interest loans and non-repayable subsidies – to promote the use of sustainable energy solutions at companies.

  • Who is eligible for funding: small, medium and large enterprises are all eligible for funding, as are non-profit applicants.

* You can also find detailed information on state funding for energy efficiency projects in the relevant KFW leaflet.
** The interest rate is based on the development of the capital market and is set on the date of approval.


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