Mall passageway

Heat transfer

arwus air separation systems sustainably protect openings from cold air ingress, heat loss and draughts. They provide noticeably comfortable environments in occupied areas: customer zones or industrial and factory halls. Thanks to adept construction, they integrate into existing design with uncompromising functionality.

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Pollution Protection

Matter transfer

Whether insects, unpleasant odours or chemical pollutants, arwus air separation systems optimally isolate zones of differing air quality from each other. Resulting efficiencies in workflow lead to significant cost savings, particularly with regard to protective measures necessary to secure safe working and environmental conditions.

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Coldstore logistics door

Heat and Matter transfer

arwus air separation systems ensure reliable partitioning between varying temperature-controlled areas. Even when open for prolonged periods, doorways are effectively protected from fog formation and icing phenomena. This ensures smooth running transport and movement of goods and, by constantly held temperatures, decisively contributes to compliant storage conditions.

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Thermal separation

Air quality conservation

Thermal and air quality separation


Chillventa 2014, 14-16 October 2014 in Nuremberg

arwus present air separation technology at the international trade fair for airconditioning and ventilaion in nuremberg, germany.

Visit us at Hall 7 / 7-303. We look forward to it!

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